Our Story

 Ben Allen's Music Kitchen may sound simple, but it symbolizes much more. Music makes people come together, while the kitchen makes you feel at home. Our lively Backyard provides a unique experience of enjoying the sounds of country, rock, rhythm and blues. Our menu is created from inspirations of the Nashville charm, such as our Nashville Hot Chicken, and SouthWest Florida's style food, such as our chefs signature cornmeal crusted grouper. "I wanted to create not only a restaurant, but a place where local musicians can find a home. It feels like going back to my roots when I stepped on a stage for the first time ever in a small venue like Ben Allen's Music Kitchen"  - Ben Allen

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Ben Allen Is an American country music singer based in Southwest Florida. Ben Allen was born and raised in Kingston, Tennessee, and moved to Naples in 2009 for a job as a building inspector for Collier County's Growth Management Department. It wasn't until he was 31 that he performed at an open mic on a whim and loved every second of it. He later formed his own five-piece band, the Ben Allen Band, which is now one of the biggest bands in Southwest Florida, playing up to 180 concerts per year.

After being a semifinalist on NBC’s singing competition show The Voice, his appearance garnered him plenty of attention around town. When he got back to Estero, civic leaders presented him with a key to the city -a gesture of gratitude for the exposure the community received during the time he was on The Voice. “I love the life that I’ve built in Southwest Florida. This is my base location, and it works well for me.”

Ben Allen works on developing his sound onstage performance with his four band members. Whether it be gigs around the corner on a neighborhood stage or private affairs for fans, Allen offers a unique brand modern country music. Being in his 40s while his music career is taking off also allows him some wisdom in his perspective. “I am not automatically taking everything that gets offered to me, it’s about doing what feels right and focusing on career longevity.”

Now, Ben Allen is stepping into the hospitality industry with a new restaurant named after him. The Ben Allen's Grill & Pub. "It just felt like the right time to take a leap of faith. I believe this is the right path to take towards bigger and better things."